Impression Studio 2011 Presentation Software

Impression Studio 2011 was developed for the business presenter. It enables you to create amazing presentations without spending all your time trying to make your presentation look great, or hours trying to animate your presentation to enhance your message. Impression has done all that for you. Instead, you spend your time refining your message and finding the perfect media to support it.

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Impression Themes

Impression Studio is revolutionary because it frees the presenter from having to become a professional designer in order to achieve a good look for their presentation. Impression achieves this goal by providing professionally designed themes containing fully complete design and animation that will truly amaze your audience.

Not only do the themes look good, they also deliver your content in extremely unique and effective ways to keep your audience engaged in your message Take a look below at some examples of the themes that are included with the product.

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Roman Classic Theme

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Roman Classic is based on the classic architectural elements found in ancient Roman times that convey a sense of strength and longevity.

It centers primarily on two common elements from that period - the classic Roman column, and the Roman Colosseum. These elements reinforce those concepts of strength and longevity in your message and branding.

Guided Theme

Guided is based upon a silhouette of an energetic and vivacious woman named Lindsay who helps deliver and guide your presentation.

Most of the actors within this theme include Lindsay interacting with your message and content in fun and energetic ways, keeping your message fresh and your audience interested.

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Particles Theme

Orange particles whiz by your portal.

One is chosen to expand and serve as background for the various other actors you can place over it. Most actors are incredibly flexible, so pay attention to the properties bar.

Picture Show Theme - (Studio Lite Theme)

The stage is set, the lights are up, it's time for you to start the show.

This theme is a showcase for your media. A customizable gradient is the centerpiece in a beautiful layout of text and media. Change colors to match the mood of the photo. Title your show, your media, and tell the story behind each photo.

Photo Stack Theme - (Studio Lite Theme)

This theme is a great way for you to make an Impression with your photos.

Throw your photos on your desk and flip through them. Actors are available for common aspect ratios of photos in both portrait and landscape view. Two other actors are best for showing videos and two text actors help you tell your story behind. You can even place "Doodles" in your presentation!

Real Estate Virtual Tour - Interactive Theme

This theme was built specifically for real estate professionals to create virtual tours of their listings.

You'll find everything you need to market your properties with a professionally designed look. Easy to edit, you can now create virtual tours for all your properties and maintain your branding - to someone else's.

Publish to our servers or our Facebook application and we'll handle the hosting for you. Our built-in portfolio application makes it super simple to manage all your properties!