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Premier Design Partner Program

Designers can apply to Media Connexus to become a Premier Design Partner (PDP). PDP members enjoy several benefits that non-member designers do not.

First, you will be listed on our web site with your own web page to advertise your Impression Presentation Platform services.

Second, should you try your hand at reselling your semi-custom themes, we are here to help. Minimally, you will be able to advertise any semi-custom themes you develop directly on our site. In addition, PDP members can submit their semi-custom themes to us for potential marketing and sales directly through our web site and sales infrastruture. Upon acceptance, we will market and sell it for you directly from our web site acting essentially as a reseller of your Impression theme.

Finally PDP members will enjoy referral status by Media Connexus. As users of Impression Studio seek out designers who can create compelling themes or other related design services, we will only ever make referrals to our exclusive PDP members.

Premier Design Partner Qualifications

In order to qualify for the PDP program we request that you submit your web site or other qualifying Adobe Flash portfolio pieces so we can evaluate your work as it would relate to using Impression Designer. The following types of work are appropriate to apply for the PDP program:

Web site(s) that contain Adobe Flash content you have created that demonstrate a good to high level of design talent, animation and ActionScript skills.

Adobe Flash SWF movies submitted to Media Connexus (directly or via the web) that demonstrate the aforementioned skill levels.

An Impression theme design file (.mcid) to evaluate your design and coding skills. You can create one of these files using the trial version of Impression Designer without requiring you to purchase the product.

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