Purchase Help
  Media Connexus uses SWReg to fulfill our electronic orders and is designed to be quick and easy! So generally, you should seek help as follows:

Internet Orders:
  1. If you have problems with your order prior to and including through the download process, you should contact SWReg for order fullfilment support. This includes problems with orders that do not complete, confirmation emails, receiving your serial numbers and purchased product download.
  2. If you have problems after you have sucessfully downloaded your purchased product, then you should contact Media Connexus support. This includes any problems with installation, registration or program operation.
  3. If you need to return your product, you should contact Media Connexus support. Please read our Return Policy before attempting to return any product after purchase.
Standard Postal Mail and Fax Orders:

  • Media Connexus does not support standard postal mail orders or fax orders, just electronically fulfilled internet orders as discussed above.