Our Vision  
  "To passionately create ingenious applications that empower everyone to quickly create multimedia communication experiences that completely amaze."  
  Company Insight  

Let's talk Hollywood for a moment. Star Wars. Jurassic Park. Toy Story. The Phantom Menace. These movies have married genius designers with outrageous computing power and the results have people walking out of theaters muttering in disbelief, "How the hell did they do that?"

We've always believed everyone would love to be able to communicate and brand themselves with those great communication tools and their effects. This is what inspired a few of us to start Media Connexus. With bandwidth increasing, the onset of Internet multimedia is fully in bloom. We're not talking about first generation online multimedia - pointless animation, loud banner ads, and choppy audio and video streaming. We're talking about experiencing day to day communications like experiencing movies and other mutimedia branding. Engaging people so they will retain what they've experienced - leaving a lasting impression.

Media Connexus is poised to deliver multimedia solutions for the rest of us. Our tools, combined with existing authoring tools and technologies, will allow everyone to create inspiring multimedia that communicate based on design and motion, carrying incredible visual and emotional impact.

Through the release of its standalone applications, Impression Studio and its sister product Impression Designer, Media Connexus will quickly become the industry-leading developer and supplier of multimedia communication solutions that everyone can use to author their stories. Multimedia is no longer just for high end designers..

  Corporate Information  
  Media Connexus LLC is a privately held Colorado Limited Liability Company formed in 2011 with its headquarters in Niwot Colorado - USA.